2012 CCDAL

We want to take this opportunity to thank some of our many supporters!


Kathleen VanSickle - Mars
Michelle Reed - Rocky
Judy Payne - Waldo
Terry Posey - Laura
Ida Michaels - Dolly/Polly
Kathleen, Robert, & Sean Cleveland - Betsy
Melisa, Tony, & Trey Miselli - Sadie
Jennifer & Rick Peck - Clarice
Connie Williams - Baylee
Debbie & Jimmy Nakayama - Domino
Elizabeth Bankey - Angie Dickinson/Pearl


Janie & Gid White
Melisa & Tony Piselli
Jackie Threatte
Kendra Blatzheim
Joy & Sean Campbell


Melisa Miller-Piselli
Sachin Shahria - monthly contributions toward vet bills
Anonymous - In Memory of Dinsdale, 1999-2011, rescued 2000
Constance Williams - for Mira's diabetic supplies
Steven Metalitz & Catherine Gage
Linda Windsor
Lindsay Benton - for Mira's cataract surgery
Melisa Miller-Piselli - for Mira's cataract surgery
Eileen Miller - for Mira's cataract surgery
Louise Andrews - In Honor of Fred
Robin Doran
Bethany Franco
Jackie Threatte
Carolyn Byerly
Dorothy Glenn
Mary Hall
Kathi Luhman - for Layla's vetting
C. L. Jaynes - In Honor of Lance and Gwen
Mary Campbell - for Baylee's vetting
Gloria Straight - for Lily's vet bills
Laura Schmuck - In Memory of Bingo
Catherine Loveridge - for Virtual Adoptees Lily, Mira, & Cary
In Honor of Her Dogs, Sailor, Lad, & Annabelle
Olivia McQueen
Catherine Loveridge
Dorothy Glenn - In Memory of Aunt Helen
Laura Schmuck
Lucinda Frend
Carolyn Byerly
Charles Glenn
Katie Stewart
Beatrice Simpson - In Honor of Banjo
Elaine Thomas - for Domino's vetting
Jade Bywater
Charles Glenn
Barbara Demartino - In Honor of Dorothy & Chuck Glenn
Steven Maughan - In Honor of Pierce
Steven Metalitz & Catherine Gage - In Memory of Midge
Leo & Pamela Michel - In Honor of Toblerone
Judy Payne - In Honor of All the Dogs You Rescue
Karen DiPentima - In Honor of Lincoln, Keeper, & Patience (fosters)
Debbie Nakayama - In Memory of Raleigh & Bonnett
Howard & Sharon Press - In Memory of Sasha, Budweiser, & Cissy
Kimberly Diamond - In Honor of Lolly
Melisa Miller-Piselli - for vetting of Mira & Lexi
Karen DiPentima - In Honor of Lincoln, Keeper, & Patience
Rodney Calver - In Honor of Chatsworth
Sandi Archibald - In Honor of Gracie's Adoption
Mary Martin - In Memory of Fanny May & Houston
Catherine Loveridge - Dalmatian items for raffle baskets


Linda Windsor
Melisa Miller-Piselli
Tina & Trey Stamer
Joy Campbell
Janie & Gid White
Jackie Threatte
Kendra Blatzheim
Sher Watts
Dorothy & Chuck Glenn
Katie Stewart
Mary Hall


Beltsville Veterinary Hospital - Beltsville, MD
Seven Bends Veterinary Hospital - Woodstock, VA
Confederate Ridge Animal Hospital - Fredericksburg, VA
Wilkins Automotive - Glen Burnie, MD
Inter County Contractors


St. Mary's Animal Welfare League
Fire Museum of Maryland
Ghost Ryderz Car Club

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