Sadie is an adorable four year old spayed female who just wants to play, play and play some more!! She came to CCDAL from a shelter in Maryland where she was returned twice because she does not like cats and believes they are toys. We believe Sadie is mixed with a boxer or shepherd since she is very agile and runs like a gazelle! Sadie is one of the smartest foster dogs this family has ever had and has not had one accident in the house since she arrived and fit right into the routine.

She can be found prancing around the house with a tennis ball or toy in her mouth. Her favorite hobbies include: chewing on her kong, bouncing her kong down the steps, hanging out and playing with Tank (a former CCDAL dog), running full speed around the yard, rummaging through her toy box, playing with her toys and pulling the stuffing out of her toys. Even though Sadie loves to play and chew, she understands what is hers to chew on and what is off limits.

She also knows sit, down and roll over. She has a very gentle mouth and loves being around both adults and children. Even though she is energetic, she will lie down and take a nap with you and just plain collapses at the end of the day and sleeps through the night. She is an expert snuggler and is an all around happy girl who is a joy to be around.

Sadie is still working on her leash training and will run if she gets the chance or smells something she just cannot resist. A fenced yard is recommended for Sadie and a home without cats or small dogs. She loves to play with Tank who is a larger dog and can let her know when he has had enough of her antics. Sadie is very healthy and has all her shots, is microchipped, and on flea, tick and heartworm preventative. If you are interested in adopting Sadie or you think she would be a wonderful match for your home, please fill out an application.

Watch Sadie play ball:

Watch Sadie rest:


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