Adam was literally saved just hours before being killed in a shelter in Abingdon, VA. Lynda Plummer from K9 Rescue & Recovery saved this wonderful purebred Dal from being killed. Adam was starving and totally dyhydrated to the point that he would not have survived. Lynda got him out just in time and brought him to CCDAL for safety.

Adam was neutereded and fully vetted in March 2005. He is negative for heartworm and is on preventative, and has all necessary vaccinations. He weighs 58 pounds.

According to the vets, Adam is almost blind due to cateracts, even though his age is estimated to be about 2 years old. However, Adam is a billaterally hearing Dal, and has a nose on him that can track almost anything. Adam has been fostered for a week, and has been perfect. He has had NO accidents whatsoever in the home (meaning very housetrained). He cratetrained in about 3 minutes! He is not a barker, in spite of 8 other dogs calling to him!

What is the perfect home for Adam? A home with small children, older children, empty nesters, employed folks, other dogs, and even elderly adopters! Why? Because Adam is extremely gentle, very loving, and the easiest Dal for anyone to walk on a lead. He is very smart - in less than one day he was able to negotiate 2 rooms in the foster home and remembered where to walk off the patio to go smell the flowers and take care of business. Adam is the perfect companion Dal for the person that does not want hyperactivity and would prefer a relaxful walk rather than a high energy running session! Adam is one of those special Dals that would fit into any home or routine because he is so mellow. This is a Dal that no one should pass up!


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