PERSONAL AD: Young, misunderstood male, looking for someone to share long (and I do mean long!) walks or shorter runs. I enjoy books (they taste good) and I give great massages and hugs. I love playing tug of war, chasing the ball, and sitting close by to get my belly rubbed. I enjoy cleaning the dishes and the counter tops; I also love to clean up anything left on the floor. When I am not playing or cleaning up, I enjoy spending time sleeping in my bedroom (my crate). I have a healthy respect for spray bottles. Could you be my soul mate??

Adam came to us back in March of 2008 as a 3 year old. As you can see, he is a handsome (and helpful) young Dalmatian. When Adam first came into our care he didn’t want or enjoy anyone petting him except on his head and ears. Some of us suspect that he may have been teased or mistreated. Adam has since learned to expose his belly and now loves to be petted all over his body! Adam seems to play “the big bad dog” to cover his insecurities. Because of his uncertainties, Adam will get along better with a strong-willed owner. Adam is now living in a house with 3 other dogs and a 6-year-old little girl. He enjoys his (human) foster sister’s play dates with as many as 4 other young girls. Adam even follows his sister’s and her friends’ commands, such as: crate, sit, out, and come.

Adam has had basic obedience training, but could use a “refresher” course with is new adopters. He walks with minimal pulling and enjoys new settings with his handler. He also enjoys spending time in his crate. He will protect you from all vacuums, irons, and back-up alarms, but has no problem with hair dryers. Adam also loves to meet you at the front door and will “talk” to you when you come in until you talk to him and pet him. If given a chance, like all Dalmatians, he will make a mad dash out of the front door, so all household members need to be trained on proper door-guarding techniques.

Like all young dogs, Adam knows that “a tired dog is a happy dog,” so his new family will need to find time to give him the exercise he needs. If you like to jog, he will be a great companion. If you have a fenced yard and an endless supply of tennis balls (and a strong throwing arm!), that will work, too. If you think you would enjoy learning to do agility, he would probably love it. Adam will do fine in a household with a larger dog, but he thinks that little dogs (and cats) are “squeaky toys” so if you already have little furry pets, Adam would not be appropriate for you.


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