Alex is a senior Dal who came into rescue when his owner died and no one in the family could care for him. He is 12 to 14 years old and has some health issues that we are working to fix. He is underweight, but is eating well. We have changed his diet and hope that will improve some of his bloodwork values. In addition, he is on medication to help his aching joints.

Because of his age, Alex is considered a "Virtual Adoptee" so he will live out his life with his foster family. He is settling in nicely there, and will remain as long as he has a good quality of life. Alex will need to be on a special diet, continue on his pain/anti-inflamatory medication, and have follow-up bloodwork done. If you are able to help out with these expenses by making either a one-time or monthly donation, we will be happy to keep you posted on his progress.

You can email Jackie, the CCDAL Secretary, from the link below or call her at 301-434-1086 for details on how to make donations to Alex.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information.

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