Angel has definitely been blessed with angels of her own lately. She was found in the gutter, cold and wet in the rain, severely underweight and afraid. If that wasn't enough, she was also having seizures! Her first angel was the lady who found her that rainy day and called animal control. They got her to a vet and stabilized, but then she had to be held as a stray to give her neglectful owner time to "find" her.

After the prescribed period of time, when Angel wasn't claimed, that first angel and her husband returned to the shelter and adopted this girl...never intending to keep her as their pet, but just so that they could get Angel into treatment with their vet. Her second set of angels were the vet and staff that treated her for her heartworms and started putting a little meat on her poor bones.

After several weeks at the hospital, it was time for angel number three. Angel was driven to the home of a CCDAL foster mom where she could be carefully watched and kept quiet for the remainder of the two months it would take to kill all of her heartworms. During that time her seizures were treated by the fourth set of angels at an emergency hospital. Angel's seizures are now under control with an inexpensive liquid medication given each day with her breakfast and she is completely free of heartworms...and on Interceptor to prevent her from ever getting them again!

Now that Angel is up to the desired weight and healthy, she has "bloomed" from a scared skeleton into a beautiful, loving, trusting, and affectionate dog...ready to find a home that will love and care for her for the rest of her life. Could that home be with you? Could you be the next angel for Angel?


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