Hello. My name is Audrey Hepburn...because I'm very thin. Actually, I am emaciated. I was thrown over the fence into the yard of a dog owner who was unable to take care of another dog. When she called her local shelter, she was told they were full and would put me down right away. Thanks to a shelter volunteer and a lot of phone calls, this rescue paid to have me transported to Maryland so I could be taken care of. I have a very long way to go, but here I have a chance, at least.

I'm friendly and quiet and well-mannered, but I'm nothing but skin and bones. I'm getting plenty to eat now, but I can't seem to gain much weight, so there is probably something else going on with me. The nice veterinarians are working on it, so keep your paws crossed for me.

I'm on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection and they know I don't have worms. Surprisingly I don't have heartworms! Keep watching this space for updates. I really hope I can get healthy soon so I can have a loving home all my own.


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