Benny was apparently shy and scared half to death when he first came in to the shelter, but Benny is a spectacular puppy. About 4 months old and 40 pounds, he just shed his puppy canines, he has learned not to jump on people and to ask politely for treats. He's really ahead of the curve for a puppy who came out of a rural shelter with no human help except for volunteers. He loves squeaky toys and, oddly enough, towels. He loves to take towels, drag them around the house until he finds an appropriate spot, then make a bed with them. He loves his dog bed but towels, apparently, are special.

Benny loves other dogs, tries to play with the cats with no success so far and his best friend is an 80 lb. Dal/Dane mix. He's respectful of the old, cranky dogs and loves to chase the birds at the bird feeder. Benny is afraid of kids but we've found that french fries help overcome the fear. Obviously, he has no understanding of these small people and had no exposure while in the shelter.

Benny is small and cute right now, but will probably grow to about 50 pounds. He won't be ready for adoption until we get him neutered, so keep watching this space!

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