CHASE (Courtesy Posting)

Chase is an intelligent, wonderful companion that loves to play and chase after a tennis ball. He is a nurtured, 3 1/2 years old gorgeous dog that is just now starting to calm down a little. He is very sweet both to people and other dogs; he would not hurt other animals, such as cats, but would definitely chase them. Chase is wonderful with children, but is a little overpowering around small children.

He is up to date on all shots, vaccines, and is HIV negative. He had some obedience training as a puppy but could use more, only because he likes to jump on people (not in an aggressive way) as they approach him. He likes to ride in the car and accompany me anywhere I go. He can retrieve a tennis ball and other toys, but he will sometimes run away and make me chase after him. He has never had any problems with humping but will mark his spot sometimes until he is comfortable in his environment.

Chase would love to find a home that could provide him with a large, enclosed area to run and play. If he could find a companion dog, he would be in heaven. He (as any other Dal) loves attention and is a wonderful pet if given the proper love and attention.

Here is my contact information:

Keith J. Burgess
Burgess Properties, LLC
4733 Bethesda Ave., #340
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-654-0112 office
301-654-0113 fax
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