Chino is a 7-year-old, 68-pound, neutered male Dalmatian, up to date on all vaccines, and heartworm negative. He is housebroken, walks well on a leash, rides well in the truck, gets along well with children and other dogs, is not bothered by close contact with horses, but will chase cats when the opportunity presents itself.

He is a very gentle dog, and also a little timid; he can be pushed away from his food by a more dominant dog. Chino likes attention and enjoys being groomed--even having his nails clipped and ears cleaned. He has never shown any sign of aggression toward other dogs, regardless of their size.

Chino likes children and will seek them out in a group of people. His only "bad habit" is that he likes to run and will take off on his own. Because of this, he needs a large, securely fenced yard so that he can get enough exercise while being kept safe. If you can give Chino all the love and attention he deserves in exchange for sloppy kisses and sincere gratitude, then please send us an application.


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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