Chip was a dog that was crossposted across the country among hundreds of rescuers. He was labeled "the skinny Dal" and that turned out to be the absolute truth. He had been picked up as a stray and was in a shelter for a month. When CCDAL pulled him from the shelter they could not believe what they saw. Chip was not skinny - Chip was starving to death! He was so thin and weak that he had to be carried out to the van. He was then taken directly to the vet hospital where the doctors examined him and said he was far to emaciated to even consider neutering at that time. Chip weighed about 30 pounds and the vets confirmed that this poor young fellow was starving and needed to gain between 15-20 pounds before being neutered. Chip was terrified of everyone and it was obvious that he was a victim of severe abuse.

When Chip was introduced to other dogs he began to start trusting his first foster home. He learned that a crate was a safe and warm place and that all the other dogs would be his buddies and that they trusted their human mom. Chip started learning from the other dogs about housetraining and did very well. A week later Chip went into a the foster home that he is in now and is really flourishing. He is a gentle young soul, with no aggression issues whatsoever. Although he was starved, he is not protective of his food and craves human contact.

Chip has already come a very long way on his journey back to the wonderful pet he will be for some family. You can see by the pictures that he is gaining weight and turning into a real love bug. If you have room in your home and your heart for this boy, maybe you can help him complete his recovery. As soon as he puts on a little more weight, he will be neutered...then he will be ready to join his "furever" family.


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