CHRIS (Courtesy Posting)

Chris wants to be your one and only handsome man! He was the only dog of an elderly couple for 9 years; the wife passed away, and the man had to move to a retirement home and couldn't take Chris with him. Chris is sad and misses his family. He would love to keep you company. Chris is being protected in the Richmond area. If you would like to meet him, we can arrange that.

Chris is very laid back as far as Dals go...he will just follow you around and lay at your feet when you sit down. He is a house dog all the way--house trained and crate trained, but such great manners in the house that he doesn't really need to be crated. He loves to go for walks, chase a ball, play with squeaky toys, and go for car rides, but most of all he loves to be rubbed and loved. He is super smart, learning new tricks like sit and stay and how to walk on a leash after all these years. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Chris would prefer to be your one and only since he was always an only dog. He hasn't had to develop social skills when it comes to dogs, but he would probably be fine with a more submissive dog or a female dog. Chris used to sit on the front porch on a glider with his lady friend every day and watch everyone go by...if this sounds like the leisurely companionship you are looking for, then Chris is definitely the man for you! But, please, only serious inquiries. Chris won't survive having his heart broken again.

You can contact CCDAL below for an application form. Even though CCDAL does not have custody of Chris, they are assisting in his placement. If you have questions about Chris, you can call his protector, Jody Conway, at 804-358-6993.


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