CLARICE (Courtesy Posting)

Clarice is an 8-month-old puppy, probably Dalmatian mix, who weighs about 25 pounds. She was rescued from a feral environment as a very young puppy, along with two brothers who have already been adopted. One of her brothers received his Puppy Obedience Certificate shortly after his adoption, and Clarice would benefit from the same kind of training

Clarice is extremely bright and fits in well with other dogs and cats. She is well-socialized with people, is happy to sleep in a crate but loves to sleep on the bed. She is loose in her foster home with a number of other dogs, from very small ones to Great Danes.

Clarice loves dog toys and biscuits, but is a bit of a baby when she gets vaccinated. She loves to go to the vet and meet people, but tends to cry when she feels the needle! It's a bit out of character for her, since she grew up around a lot of very large dogs and is basically fearless.

Clarice is deaf -- MOSTLY, if not totally -- but is extremely smart and quickly learned several hand signals, like "Come here" and (most important) "NO!" As bright as she is, we think she could learn dozens of hand signals and parlor tricks, and would thoroughly enjoy showing off!

Even though she had a rough beginning, Clarice is a happy, affectionate little girl who loves attention, loves to go for walks, and is happiest sitting right next to you. She is just waiting for the right person or family to make her life complete. If that is you, please email Janie or Gid at the link below.


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