Comet is a senior Dalmatian mix that will be spending the remainder of his days in his loving foster home. Comet's foster family approached the board of CCDAL about having Comet stay with them because they felt it was in his best interest to stay where he was and moving him to a new home would be a hard adjustment for Comet both physically and emotionally. Even though CCDAL's primary mission is to rescue and rehome Dalmatians, there will always be some Dalmatians that need extra care or need to end the transitions in their life and have a final, stable place to call home. The board of CCDAL agreed and now Comet will receive the care and stability he needs until it is his time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Comet's Story (As told by Comet)

Hello, my name is Comet and I am a handsome, neutered, male Dalmatian mixed with a beagle. I am 12 years old and a very happy older guy who the shelter described as "a sweet old guy." My tail never stops wagging and wagging and wagging. Not much is known about my background except I was dropped off at the Baltimore Animal Shelter back in April of 2009 because my family lost their home due to a foreclosure. Everyone suspects that I did not have the best vet care throughout my life. I had some nasty growths under my ear, on top of my head, under my chin and on my elbows as well as a pronounced front limp when I walked. I also was coughing a lot and not too happy because I really did not feel that good. I was very confused as to what was going on and where I was going.

WOW what a difference some time makes! I am feeling much better and not as anxious as to what is happening! First, someone called foster mommy took me to her home in the country where there was foster daddy, a nice little 8 year old boy and four other dogs. I then went to the vet for some tests and an exam.

My cough (kennel cough) is all gone and I feel so much better! And my growths have been removed--all were benign and are now healed. And, oh by the way, the vet said that my blood work is good, my chest x-ray is good and my heart is good. I think I am now really GOOD! Oh, and they also checked during my surgery and said I was already neutered - whatever that means. The limp that I mentioned earlier is just the way I walk. I had a past injury that healed on its own and that is how my bone healed, so I will always have that limp. I also have a lot of something called arthritis and a heart murmur that needs to be monitored from time to time.

I have completely settled in and love to sniff in the yard and be near my family. I also took a snooze on the front porch the other day because I now know where I am and the routine of the house. It took me a few days to start to trust foster daddy, but now I realize that he is a lot of fun to be around and he taught me how to play with a toy! I now will give him a quick kiss and then run! The eight year old boy of the house is a lot of fun also and he has a lot of energy. I usually walk around the yard while he plays ball or lie on my dog bed while he plays with his Legos. I am also living with four other dogs - all older Dalmatians. Patches, one of the dogs, is my buddy. He helped to take care of me when I had my stitches and he slept with me at night when I first arrived and was getting adjusted. I get along with the other three females as well and just fit right in with the crew. Breakfast and dinner time are my favorite times of the day!! The other day I went to a doggie Fair and bobbed for hot dogs and then I snuck away and found the stash of hot dogs under the table. I may be an old dog, but I still have some tricks up my sleeve!!

Even though I have recovered from all of my initial health problems; I still have some ongoing issues that will be with me for the rest of my life. I had a bout with old age vestibular disease which is like really bad vertigo in humans--but I recovered from that quickly. Along with my limp and having arthritis everywhere, I started to bark and bark for no reason at all even when I would be in a dead sleep. This caused everyone to come see what was wrong because I only bark when there is a reason. The vet said it was basically old age dementia or cognitive dysfunction and I forget where I am or what is going on. She gave me some medicine that has helped a lot for this and I do not do the "random barking" anymore. This also leads to me having a lot of poopie accidents in the house even after I have just been outside. Sometimes, I just get confused, but overall I am a happy guy who loves to eat and hang out. At night I am carried upstairs to go sleep in the little boy's closet which is outfitted with nice soft blankets and pillows for me. I love it because I can see everything because there is no door and I am also totally comfortable. I will hang out here and keep wagging my tail hopefully for some time!!

If you would like to help sponsor me, please contact Jackie Threatte at the number and email listed below. You can make a one time pledge or a recurring monthly pledge--no amount is too little and I will be happy for whatever you can give to help with my medications and vet care!!


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