This sweet little girl was with us for only a short time. Her briliant blue eyes were the reason for her name. We could only guess at her age (6-8?), she was deaf, and she had a wound in her chest that was in the process of healing. It appeared from her neck that she had been tied outside. The shelter told us she was very sweet and her tail never stopped wagging, but she had some mobility issues.

Her first trip to the vet revealed that she had Lyme's Disease, Anaplasmosis, and a severe infestation of whipworms. We started treatment on all of that. While she showed much improvement with the treatment, her "back end" didn't work very well and she was having trouble breathing, so we took her back to the vet for X-rays.

Unfortunately, those X-rays showed that she was riddled with metastacized cancer, including her lungs. The vet said that she would have only a short time left and that her end "wouldn't be pretty," so we elected to save Crystal any more pain. Her last few weeks were spent with a foster family that showed her love and compassion. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of her foster mom.

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