Hi, my name is Daphne. That wasn't my first name, but when I got picked up as a stray, my owners never came to pick me up. The nice lady from CCDAL came and got me...and gave me a new name to go with my new life.

My first stop was at the vet's office. I had these really big, ugly sores on my belly. Doc removed them and the lab said they were skin cancers. It feels so much better to have them gone. My sutures will come out soon. I've been really good during this whole process. My foster mom says I'm a "good girl" many times a day.

I'm housebroken, don't mind sleeping in my crate, take my medicine, and love everyone...human and furry! I'm on the small side for a Dalmatian, but it makes me just right for cuddling!


Email Jackie Threatte at jackie.threatte@erols.com for more information or to request an application form.

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