This is Dapple's "before" picture--the day he came into CCDAL. We hope that eventually his "after" pictures will be very different. Right now, he is very underweight, afraid of everyone and everything, and will have an up-hill battle to be able to trust humans again.

Our first action was to change his name because the name he came with obviously did not have a very good association. Dapple came into a Virginia shelter as a stray, was adopted out, was allowed to escape, spent time in the shelter again, was returned to his owner, and then was finally given up to the shelter for good. It is no surprise that he did not do well during this latest time in the shelter.

Dapple is completely vetted, but he is far from "well." Right now, he can not bring himself to look at his foster mom, will not enter a door if there is a human standing anywhere close by, and would rather stay outside in the cold than come inside to eat. After spending time in a foster home, we believe that he will again learn what it is like to be loved and cared for by humans. We hope you will watch this space and follow Dapple's journey to trust again.


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