Hi there, I'm David...but I can come to "Davey" or "Dave", too. I'm only 10 months old but I would really like a permanent home and a place to settle down for good. My first home didn't have time for me and when the adults split up, neither one wanted me! I can't understand that, since I was a really good boy, but I ended up in the shelter.

While I was in the shelter, I wagged my tail at everyone who passed my cage. I wagged to hard that I actually broke the skin on the end of my tail. Besides hurting a lot, I was flinging blood all over the place every time I wagged, so the shelter was going to put me to sleep. They said they couldn't put a bloody dog on the adoption floor. Imagine that!!

Fortunately, a volunteer with CCDAL had contacted the shelter before, so when they decided they couldn't adopt me out the shelter called CCDAL. I was picked up by a lady from Maryland who took me to her house, cleaned me all up (I really was covered with blood!), and got me on antibiotics for the infection. In the end, part of my tail died and had to be amputated! I'm all healed now, I've been neutered, I'm heartworm negative, very healthy, and ready to be adopted.

I love people and dogs, but I'm not sure about cats. I would probably be OK, but we will have to see about that. I need lots of exercise, so a dedicated jogger or a big fenced yard would be great. I'll be the hit of the town as you take me around because I'm so handsome ! I expect to live to a ripe old age, but I would like to do that with the same family...I've been moved around enough already.


Email Jackie Threatte at ccdal@comcast.net for more information or to request an application form.

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