Hi there, I'm Delilah! I'm a little bundle of love...once I get to know you...but I come with some baggage. I'm learning to trust my foster mom and her friends, but since I was hurt in the past, that is harder for me. My first family didn't know I was deaf; they just thought I was stupid, which I'm definitely NOT. The second family let me get loose and subsequently hit by a car that I never heard coming. I had some serious injuries from that ordeal, but except for having a toe amputated, I've fully recovered.

Health-wise, my biggest challenge is my deafness. It means that I depend heavily on my nose and eyes. My foster mom does this neat thing with her hands and I'm sort of catching on...she can ask if I need to go outside and "do my business", if I'm hungry and ready to eat, and tell me when it is time to get in my crate to go to bed. I know she is trying to tell me other things, too, but it will take me a little while to catch on to all of the motions. She is starting me in a "regular" basic obedience class in May (with hearing dogs) so that I can see what other dogs do when she makes those signs.

Meanwhile, I have some eye problems, too. We have an appointment with an ophthalmologist (WoW, what a BIG word!) in a couple of weeks to see what is going on there. I see some, but my mom wants to know how much I see and whether I'm likely to go blind in the near future. I'm sure she will keep you all posted as she learns more about me.

I will need a "special" family to handle my unique needs. They will have to have patience with me and will have to learn to do those funny things with their hands to communicate with me...but if my foster mom can learn them, anyone can!!! She has this thing called a "dictionary" that will come with me. I will also need to be kept really SAFE this time, so I have to have a fenced yard to play in. I probably shouldn't be in a family with young kids because sudden movements and waving hands and arms make me afraid that I'll be hit again and they might leave the door open.


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