DIBBS (Courtesy Posting)

Hi! My name is Dibbs and I'm 2 1/2 years old, have wonderful liver spots, and I'm handsome, loving, beautiful, playful and really full of energy. I need plenty of exercise, so an active human to run with or another dog to play with would be nice, but she will have to be as big as me so I don't hurt her. I'm very active, so I should probably not be around little kids, cats, or smaller dogs...I don't want to hurt anyone! I live with a Boxer now. We get along fine once he understood that I want to be the "leader." Oh, yes, I'm housebroken and I'm not destructive of anything except stuffed toys. Kongs make much better toys for me.

I love to SWIM! I also like hiking and being outdoors, but only with my humans. I'm protective of my family and will not like strangers walking into my house, so my guardians will have to work with me so I feel safe and secure instead of threatened around people I don't know.

I spent six weeks in a training camp for dogs where I had obedience training, socialization, and rehabilitation. They used a remote collar system. The good folks at Liberty K9 (located in Maryland) gave me a life-long support system of training (within their driving area). My trainer offered to do approximately 5 in-home training sessions with my new family so they will know how to keep up with my training and commands. You know, training is always a good thing and it will help us to understand each other.

If it turns out that I'll be an only dog, that will be OK with me! I love to cuddle, like to sleep with my humans (under the covers where it is warm and cozy), but certainly need someone who will give me lots of attention and exercise in a large, securely fenced yard--Frisbee is my favorite passtime. If you have a pool, I would love that! If you like to jog, I could go with you. Mostly I just want to spend time with you, doing whatever you love to do.

If you have a fenced yard, no cats or small kids or small dogs, enough energy to keep up with me, and won't leave me along for long periods, could I come live with you? If you want to meet me, I'm in Falls Church VA.



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