Hi, my name is Ditto and I am incurably cute. I am a 6-year-old, well-behaved boy. I enjoy being petted, playing, and watching life pass by my window. My foster family thinks my only fault is a tail that likes to dust the table. They don’t like their cups on the floor. My foster dad has learned to sleep while the other dogs in the house bark, BUT I have learned to wake him up with my howls as people walk by MY house. I don’t bark, I howl! Isn’t it the job of dogs to alert humans to danger?? I love to play with you and go for walks. I don’t pull. I get along well with other dogs and am easy going. I just want to be loved. As you can see in the picture of my face below, I have one eye that is mostly brown with a little blue in the lower half of my iris. This makes me a very special and unique dog. No, it doesn't mean the eye is not functioning, or that anything is wrong with it...it just means I have two colors!

I have been described by more then one person as “a keeper,” “a great dog,” and “the perfect dog.” I even play well with people of all sizes, from children to old people. My foster sister, (a 5-year-old little human girl), loves to think she has trained me to sit, and stay. I knew it before I came to live with her. I even “prove” she is a great trainer by responding to her friends when they give me the commands. I don’t have the rude habit of drooling on your lap when you eat, like some of the dogs in my foster home. I sit off to the side and use “puppy dog eyes” and tilt my head to beg for food.

I don’t understand why I am here. I was in a loving family with 2 young children ages 5 and 7. Then my mom and dad were talking about being deployed overseas. I went to my grandmom’s house where I had to live on the porch. Grandmom took me to a vet and I spent a night there, then my foster mom came to pick me up. Boy is my head spinning with all the changes!! I would really love to understand it all.

I have two easily controlled medical issues. I have a thyroid that is not working. (Do you know where I can get one that works?) I take a small pill 2 times a day and I feel much better since I started taking that pill. I also form urinary stones, boy do they hurt. I am now on the right food that my foster family gets from the vet. I am also on a prescription pill 2 times a day and cranberry pill 1 time a day. I understand that I am well controlled.

Could you be my forever parent? I want a place to call home!


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