Meet Dolly, a sweet, young Dalmatian mix who we consider our very own "Designer Dog." Instead of going with the standard white and black spotted typical Dalmatian coat, Dolly decided to mix it up by donning a pair of beautiful black pants and some splashes of big black spots. She has gorgeous muscular legs that show off her black pants beautifully with an all black tail with a perfect white spot at the tip!

She also keeps her girlish figure weighing in at 47 pounds and looking for chances to exercise and explore every chance she gets. Her hair is longer and like a perfect model she will sit or lie perfectly still as you brush her. Dolly is also friendly to all her fans and gives them a multitude of kisses and tail wags including both children and adults. She will easily ride in the car and is crate trained. At the end of a long day, Dolly settles down nicely to get her beauty sleep and has no time for chewing, having accidents in the house, pulling on the leash during walks or squabbling with other dogs. She is just happy to lie at your feet or cuddle up next to you. Dolly will cry for a few moments when you leave her, but she soon realizes that she has no time for that and will just relax and wait for your return. She will greet you like you have been away for years with barks of joy!

Some basic stats on our "designer dog." Dolly came from a rural shelter in West Virginia where she was a stray picked up by animal control. When she was not claimed after her stray hold time, a volunteer for the shelter contacted CCDAL. CCDAL had a foster home step up to foster Dolly and arrangements were made to have her vetted and transported to Virginia. The vet estimated that Dolly is young, around three years old. Unfortunately, Dolly has some treatable health issues that need to be cured before she can be adopted. Being so pretty, Dolly attracted some unsavory internal parasites who need to be evacuated as soon as possible! She has intestinal worms and has completed her first round of deworming medicine, she tested positive for two tick borne diseases and has started medication for them, and finally she tested high heartworm positive. As soon as the vet says it is safe, she will start the heartworm treatment. After all these parasites have vacated Dolly, she will then be spayed and ready to be placed in her forever home where she can be pampered the way a designer dog deserves to be! She is also current on all her shots, microchipped and on flea/tick preventative.

If you are interested in adopting Dolly, please fill out an application and we can start the process while Dolly finishes her treatment. Dolly, staying true to her designer label, will also be an expensive dog for CCDAL, so if you would like to make a donation towards her vet care, please do! Heartworm treatment involves multiple chest X-rays, bloodwork, and costly injections that are all necessary to give Dolly a clean bill of health. We have only had Dolly for a few days so please check back often to see how she is progressing!!

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