DOMINO (Courtesy Posting)

Domino is a wonderful 12-year-old neutered male Dal whose family is splintering and sadly can no longer provide him a loving home. He was born in rural Maryland from a farm-raised mom and firehouse dad, the prettiest of the 13-pup litter. He was adopted when he was 8 weeks old and has lived in the same house since.

Domino has a wonderful, sweet, even temperament. He is used to daily morning walks. At a sleek 47 pounds, he is in excellent health (many still mistake him for a puppy!). He is up to date on all shots and is not on any medications. He has recovered beautifully from ligament-repair surgery on both of his back knees; if he really overdoes it (e.g., off-leash in the woods for an hour), he gets a bit stiff.

He was crate trained as a puppy but has not been crate-kept since puppyhood. He has grown up with children, cats and other dogs -- and is fine around other kids and pets (not so good with toddlers who get very, very excited when they see a spotted dog; we think that he is just not accustomed to such a strong emotional reaction). He has lived in a rural area with an underground electric fence to keep him in his yard. He is used to staying inside during the day when family is at work or school.

Domino would do well with someone to keep him company during the day. He loves to cuddle on the sofa and sleep at your feet at night. He is usually quiet, though he does bark when someone comes to the door, and he gets very nervous and whiny during thunderstorms. (Our strategy for this--and his strategy, frankly--has been to place him in an interior room with a TV, radio or fan -- and he calms right down and goes to sleep!)

It is with a heavy heart that we part with Domino -- it is not his fault. He will be a wonderful, loving companion for the remainder of his years. If you have room for this loving dog, please contact us at; work 301-903-1251 (leave message);; work 301-903-3339; or Home: 301-590-0720 evenings before 9:00pm. Alternate e-mail:


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