EDIE (Courtesy Posting)

My name is Edie and my life started out pretty hard. My original parents moved overseas and couldn't keep me, so I have been living with temporary parents since. They found out pretty quick that I had lived a life without rules and, don't get me wrong, it was awesome but boring. My temporary parents have been teaching me sit, down, leave it, fetch, give, and a few other things. It's great to know that people believe in me! For a long time I felt no one cared, so I was slow to trust people. Now that I've gained some confidence, once I trust you, I will be at your side forever.

Just so you know, I'm 3 years old, weigh 60 pounds, and have short hair. I have been told that I'm high energy, but at the same time I can enjoy napping with you. Because of my high energy though, little kids and I don't make a good mix because I could knock them over. I have also been told my tail is something to watch out for when I get happy!

I am up to date on all my shots so don't worry about that!! Do you think that we could be life long friends?

Check out Edie--upside down!

Jumping Edie:

Playing Edie:

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