This is our latest addition, Farrah, less than a year old. She is a small Dalmatian, mixed with something (we don't know what), but cute as a button and sporting two gorgeous blus eyes. Farrah won't be available for a week or two because she needs to complete her vetting and be spayed before we can release her. She is already putting on some weight to cover those dainty little ribs!

The first order of business after reaching her foster home was meeting the current doggy residents, Astro and Katie. After a lot of friendly sniffing, she went inside for a good bath. Farrah went through the entire ordeal with grace--we think she was glad to be free of the dirt! There were no signs of injury or fleas, but from observing her neck we think she may have spent time being chained outside.

Keep watching this space for updates. This young pup will probably go to her "furever" home very quickly after she is released for adoption. If you are interested in adopting Farrah, you can complete an application form now to get the process started. (See the "How to Adopt" link on our home page.) We expect to have a lot of applicants to choose from!


Email Jackie Threatte at ccdal@comcast.net for more information or return to our home page for a link to our application form.

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