Fawn is a petite, pretty, spayed female Dalmatian that is very sweet and calm. She is excellent on a leash and extremely laid back. She plays well with other dogs and children and will give little, gentle kisses when you are with her. She seems to know that we are trying to make her feel better and she truly appreciates it. Since she was a stray, we do not know much about her history, but we believe she is around 10 years old. Please read her story below.

Fawn's Story (as told by Fawn)

Hello, my name is Fawn and I am a smaller, female Dalmatian and I was found as a stray in Montgomery County, MD. A nice gentleman picked me up and could see I was not in the best of health so he brought me to the local Humane Society. I was dehydrated, dirty, emaciated, itchy, and in general not a very happy little lady. I did not have a collar or any type of ID, so after my stray hold period was up, the Humane Society contacted CCDAL and from there a lot of stuff started to happen. I was taken to the vet where it was discovered I had mange and was slightly Lyme positive, but was heartworm negative. I was then taken to CCDAL's treasurer's home until someone called "foster mom" could pick me up. Foster mom and her energetic 8-year-old son showed up a few days later and put a nice warm coat on me and took me back to their home in the country. I am very skinny at 30 lbs, and it was raining, so the coat felt very nice. I was a good girl on the ride home and just sat in my crate looking around and watching the cars go by.

After arriving at my foster home and settling in, I would not stop coughing and was hardly eating anything so my foster mom took me to the vet's office. They put me in a place called "quarantine" because of my cough and the mange. It was quiet back there and I was good and rested and was very well behaved while they poked and prodded me. It was discovered that I have pneumonia in the center of my right lung and I am now taking three different kinds of antibiotics. I also have high kidney values so I need to start eating some special food when I am better. Foster mommy also keeps trying to give me food and get me to eat--I am eating when I feel like it! It is hard to eat when all I seem to do is cough!! I also really like to sleep curled up in a little ball and have not made a peep. The treatment for my mange continues and I am not itching right now so that is a first step towards recovery. This past weekend, I had a lot of time outside in the sun and was absolutely loving it! Even though foster mommy's son cannot pet me because of the mange, I sat by him on the top of the hill while he played outside. I also participated in their annual doggie Easter egg hunt and loved the chicken jerky treats. I had my own private egg hunt since I cannot be around the other dogs yet either. I know I have a long way to go until I am well again, but I know I have a really good chance at getting there! When foster mommy cleans me or pets me, I give her little kisses to let her know that I am happy. I wish I could be in the house with everyone else and will stand on the front porch or back deck to get my point across, but foster mommy says I have to hang out in the basement until I am not longer contagious (whatever that means), but I can hear everyone upstairs and that makes me secure.

Please check back and see how I am doing! I am hoping to be able to report that I am pneumonia-free and gaining weight very soon!! If you would like to sponsor me, please contact Jackie at ccdal@comcast.net. It is going to take a lot to make me better before I can be adopted and no contribution is too little!!


Email Jackie Threatte at ccdal@comcast.net for more information or to request an application form.

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