Giving a dog temperary shelter in a family setting, healthy food, a little training, and lots of love will prepare him or her for adoption.

What is "fostering"?

Fostering is taking a Dalmatian into your home and treating it as if it were your own pet until a permanent forever home is found for him or her.

Can anyone foster?

No, it takes a special person to foster for CCDAL. We put potential fosters through the same screening process that we use for our potential adopters; in fact, you must complete the same application form. We do this for a number of reasons, but mostly because many of our fosters end up adopting one or more of their foster dogs. By completing the application in advance, there can be a quick approval. Fostering can be a good way to "try out" a dog (or dogs) before making a lifetime commitment.

What is the hardest part of fostering?

For many people, the hardest part of fostering is turning the dog over to the adoptive family. When you have invested time and energy in a dog that has become a member of your family and you have grown to love him or her, it can be difficult to give the dog up. The best fosters understand that we (as a group and with their help) have done everything possible to assure that the dog is going to the perfect Forever Home. Turning that dog over to his or her new family creates a space for the foster to take in a new dog, thereby saving another Dalmatian facing a death sentence.

What is expected of a foster caregiver?

The caregiver is expected to provide a recommended food, water, a monthly heartworm preventative, a clean warm place to sleep, moderate grooming (nails, ears, teeth), and tender loving care. A little basic obedience training, using positive reinforcement, will help the dog be a good candidate for adoption. The foster may need to transport the dog to a vet for pre-approved care and is expected to give any medications that are ordered for the dog.

What can the foster expect from CCDAL?

CCDAL can provide crates, collars, leads, food bowls, and loads of support and advice. We can help you introduce your new foster dog to any existing pets. CCDAL will reimburse you for pre-approved vet visits or required medical procedures.

What are the advantages of fostering?

When dogs live with a foster, they learn to react appropriately to situations found in the home environment. The dog can experience safety, comfort, and love, learning to trust the humans around him. In some cases, this is the first love and respect the dog has ever known. The foster is in a position to observe the dog closely on a daily basis, to recognize the strengths and weaknesses as well as watch for any problems or changes in health status. The caregiver can evaluate the behavior of the dog around other animals, pets, children and adults, and in various situations. All of this makes the foster caregiver the best judge of the dog's activity level, exercise requirements, and what kind of permanent home would best suit that particular dog. These are all things that a shelter or kennel cannot do.

How do I become a foster?

Contact Jackie Threatte at the link below to let her know where you live and that you are interested in fostering. Return to the home page and click on the "Application" link. Fill out the form and Check "foster", then return it to us. We will do a vet check and a home visit, just as we do for adoption applicants. If approved, you will be matched with a Dalmatian waiting for a Forever Home.

Page updated September 23. 2010

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