Hope is about 2 years old and has been neglected for her entire life. She was one of the "junk yard" dogs, loaded with ticks and intestinal parasites when found running loose on the same property where Gemini was chained and Charity was kept in a small pen. She's heartworm negative, been wormed and spayed, and is now up to date on all vaccines. Hope has some sores on her skin from the fleas and ticks, but once they clear up, she will have the typical Dal coat, soft and white.

This cute little girl has nice markings, with one eye blue, the other brown, a beautiful smile, and a tail that doesn't stop wiggling once she gets comfortable with you. A wonderful CCDAL foster is currently socializing her and giving her some basic obedience training with the aid of his own Dalmatian. Hope already enjoys walks, playing with balls, and chewing on bones with her furry foster brother. It won't be long before she learns to trust humans, then she will make a wonderful, loving pet for a family with older children.


Email Jackie Threatte at jackie.threatte@erols.com for more information or to request an application form.

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