Jerry is a four-year-old black and white male Dalmatian who was found eating out of a garbage can. Someone dumped him on the east end of Richmond where he was picked up by animal control and taken to the Henrico Animal Shelter. He didn't have a name until someone who was involved with his rescue decided to call him Jerry because he was so goofy (like Jerry Seinfeld).

Jerry was first taken to a local pet boarding place, but we decided it would be better for him to be kept quiet because he had heartworms and was suffering from malnutrition. We transferred him to a vet hospital where he has been under their care for over a month.

Jerry has been socialized at the vet hospital. He was terrified of men when he first went into the hospital, an indication that he was abused by a man, but he has since bonded with the doctors and several of the male workers there. Jerry was temperament tested and passed with flying colors. He loves cats and children and is not food aggressive. He has gained 6 pounds and will soon be ready to live a good healthy long life with a loving caring person or family.

When the heartworm treatments are completed he will be neutered and taken into a home for foster care. Jerry is a very sweet, fun-loving little guy with a great personality. He is full of life...could that life be with you?


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