Jewel was born in February, 2001, so she is just over three years old. Her mark of beauty is her eyes...the left one is all blue, but the right one is half blue and half brown! That brown part goes with her beautiful liver-colored spots. Her poor tail stays bandaged practically all the time because she is constantly wagging it back and forth so fast and so hard that the end gets battered. We have never seen this happy dog with her tail still except when she is sleeping, and as soon as she wakes up the tail starts again!

This young lady wasn't spayed when she was younger, so she got pregnant and had a litter of puppies. As soon as her puppies were weaned and could go into a rescue, Jewel was taken into CCDAL. She is spayed now, so there won't be any more puppies! Jewel was immediately accepted into the pack of other rescue Dalmatians in her foster home. She is in a 10-week Basic Obedience Course, and really loves the class. She is friendly with all the other dogs and she makes all the adults laugh with the way she leans up against her foster mom instead of sitting correctly!

Jewel spent a week in a home with a 19-month-old baby and the only problem was that her happy, wagging tail was at the baby's eye level. Fortunately that baby is an old hand at holding her own with Dalmatians because her family ownes two of them! Because of her weight and size, she needs to be with older children. She also needs to lose her pregnancy fat, so kids to play with in a safe area would be a plus.


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