KATIE (Courtesy Posting)

Katie is in the custody of Frederick County Shelter as evidence in an abuse case. This beautiful girl was starved nearly to death. Because of this, any one interested in her must be able to be contacted by one of the animal control officers to update them on Katie and possibly bring her in for more pictures.

As if her former abuse wasn't enough, she became blind after a surgical procedure. In spite of this, she is adjusting well in her foster home. I just think she is an awesome dog to have come around so much. She is so nice and deserves a wonderful home.

Living with a blind dog is NOT impossible...you can make a few simple adjustments to help her learn her way around your home. After all, her nose still works!! If you can offer a safe and loving home to Katie, please contact Claudia Prather via the email link below.


Email Claudia Prather at cprather@sprintmail.com for more information or to request an application form.

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