Keslo is approximately 5 years old, a large guy weighing about 70 pounds, He was picked up as a stray, and had obviously lead a rough life in the past. It has been four months since Keslo arrived in foster care and we are happy to report that he makes new strides every day! He still loves his toys or "dollies," playing with his foster daddy, and is now loose with Layla and Sable (the ladies). Comet is unfortunately no longer with us due to declining health. Keslo goes out with the ladies, eats with them and in general lives with them.

He will still do his low throaty growl to talk at them if they come to close to his toys (or sometimes even to him), but it doesn't escalate any further and he will stop if you correct him. His latest accomplishment is that he is allowed to be with the family's nine year old son, but is still supervised closely. He is slowly learning that the little boy provides only good things like treats, love, and toys. He does not seem to like the high energy of a child, and will do his low throaty growl or talk when he's had enough, but stops when corrected.

We cannot tell if that is a defense mechanism that he developed over time, or if he is afraid that he will get hurt, or if that is just how he talks and it sounds really bad to humans. We tried the muzzle, but he did not like having that on and would continually try to remove it, so we continued with the positive training without the muzzle.

Keslo is a very sensitive guy and would do best in a home where he is the only pet and there are no small children. He is a champion snuggler and just loves attention. He likes to use his paws to move things or fluff up his bed, and watching him slowly become more secure with the world around him has been very rewarding.

Keslo's physical wounds have healed, he is fully current on all vaccines and is neutered. He is looking for his perfect "furever" home. If you think Keslo is the guy for you, please fill out an application. If you cannot adopt but would like to help Keslo, please consider making a donation toward his care. His initial vetting was over $1000.00 and it will be hard for CCDAL to recoup those costs.

To see Keslo sledding with Foster Mommie click here.

To see Keslo sledding with Trey click here.


Email Jackie Threatte at if you would like to help Keslo.

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