Hi! My name is Largo and I'm a really, really cute little girl. I'm only a year and a half old and I've got a lot to learn, but I like to make my humans happy so I try very hard to please them and learn quickly.

When I came to my foster home I was introduced to the other four dogs here...they all like me and I really like them. Now I have at least three dogs to run and play tag with. The other dog lets me snuggle with her, but she isn't much for running since she is older.

My favorite pastime is running as fast as I can, so I'll need a large fenced yard to play in...and a family with older children who can help train me and help wear me out! After I've had plenty of exercise, I'll want a nice lap to curl up in for some first class petting! Could that lap belong to you?


Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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