Layla is a senior Dalmatian that will be spending the remainder of her days in her loving foster home. Layla's foster family approached the board of CCDAL about having Layla stay with them because they felt it was in her best interest to stay where she was and moving her to a new home would be a hard adjustment for Layla both physically and emotionally. Even though CCDAL's primary mission is to rescue and rehome Dalmatians, there will always be some Dalmatians that need extra care or need to end the transitions in their life and have a final, stable place to call home. The board of CCDAL agreed, and now Layla will receive the care and stability she needs until it is her time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Layla's Story (As told by Layla)

Hello, my name is Layla and I am a pretty, spayed, female, purebred Dalmatian. I am about 10 years old and a very happy, well-behaved girl with a wonderful personality. I was in a West Virginia shelter in October 2008 when foster mommy first met me and came to visit with me. She brought me treats which I loved and took me for a nice walk where I showed her that I was leash trained and very friendly. After that, I laid down next to her on the blanket she brought while she spoke to the animal control officer about my history.

The animal control officer found me running around when she was out on another call and when the animal control officer attempted to find my guardians, it turned out I was a product of a divorce and was no longer wanted. When my time was running out at the shelter, foster mommy came and took me home (November 2nd, 2008). I was adopted out for awhile, but I got sick. My adopter's vet didn't know what to do for me and I just got worse. By the time I was returned to CCDAL in the beginning of May 2009, I was in pretty bad shape.

I have recovered from being sick which included having an ulcer, severe diarrhea, and a stroke, I am content to hang out with everyone when they are home and patiently wait with my doggie brother and sisters until everyone comes home. The rest of my foster family includes an 8 year old energetic little boy who I like to hang out with inside and when it is not too cold outside (he also helped with my bath and sat with me when I was sick), foster mommy, foster daddy, and four other Dalmatians. I have fit right in and can be seen frequently carrying around a tennis ball in my mouth...just in case someone wants to play with me! It is my mission to bring in as many tennis balls as I can from the outside and to carry one around when I take my walk around the yard.

Even thought I am doing well, I have some health issues that need to be monitored and watched. At my last physical and shots in November of 2009, I was overall deemed to be healthy by the vet with all of my internal organs functioning properly. I have the typical old age items as seen in senior dogs. I have a heart murmur that needs to be monitored especially if I start to cough a lot. My joints hurt from arthritis especially my hips and I need frequent help getting up. Even though I recovered from my stroke, my front right side is a little weak. Once I get going, I am OK but I just need a boost to get moving and I enjoy my morning walk around the yard after the 8 year old gets on the school bus. I know that it is time and I have a ball in my mouth and I am ready to go!! I really do not enjoy the cold, but tolerate it for a little while!! I am on pain medications, but have to watch which ones I take because of my history with having an ulcer. For that, I have to take some probiotics on my food and a powder antibiotic to help keep the good bacteria flourishing and the bad bacteria away!! Recently, I had some urinary incontinence, but foster mommy gave me some new medicine and that seems to be working and occasionally I do have a poopie accident in the house. Usually in the AM when I am more concerned about getting my breakfast than focusing on the task at hand outside! What can I say, since I was skinny when I first arrived, I love to eat and love knowing when it is time to eat!!

Emotionally, I am doing so much better. I was such a sad girl when I first arrived and again after coming back from being sick. Now, I offer my belly for rubs and stretch my back legs out to get the maximum massage. I have really bonded with my foster family especially my daddy. I just love it when he rubs my ears and plays with me and my ball! I also love to go for rides in the car (Suburban). Usually there is something fun waiting when I get out, like a doggie event where I receive a lot of attention at a child's Birthday Party at the firehouse where I receive a lot more attention from all the kids!! I run in my own way when it looks like I get to go in the car!! At night, I am so happy to have my bed and blanket to sleep in with a ball nearby. It cannot get any better than this!!

If you would like to help sponsor me, please contact Jackie Threatte at the number and email listed below. You can make a one time pledge or a recurring monthly pledge--no amount is too little and I will be happy for whatever you can give to help with my medications and vet care!!


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