Hi! I'm Leo, named after the constellation...something about the layout of my spots, I guess. I was found as a stray, so the good folks who took me in don't know much about my background. I've seen a vet and he thinks I'm about 4 years old. I've had some tests and I'm heartworm negative--I'm told that is very good.

I'm enjoying being in my foster home. Being on the streets and then in the shelter wasn't much fun. I have two other dogs here with me and we are getting to know each other. I'm housebroken and crate-trained, I'm really calm, and I like having my ears rubbed. When I am really enjoying myself, I "hum". My foster mom says it sounds like a cat purring, but I like to think I'm saying "Yes, yes, more, more!"

Keep watching for updates as we learn more about Leo!


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