Hi! My name is Levi. I'm just a puppy. I'm only six months old. I guess that means that I'll still grow a little, but right now I weigh about 50 pounds. The shelter called me a Dalmatian, but I have longer, fluffier hair and some brown patches on my face, so I'm probably mixed with something else.

I'm up-to-date on all my vaccines, I'm heartworm negative, I'm neutered, and I'm full of energy. I love to play with balls, run in the yard, chew on my toys, and get petted. I come when I'm called, I sit for treats, and I don't mind going into my crate. My foster mom says I would be great at something called "Agility" classes because I also LOVE to jump high and run fast.

Because I'm still a puppy, I need someone with time and patience to train me. I really want to make my humans happy, so I work really hard to do what they say...and if you make my training into a game we could have a LOT of fun together. I need a secure, fenced yard and a very active family. Is that you?


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