Lily is a 10-12 year-old, liver-spotted Dalmatian girl, abandoned in her old age to fend for herself. She was picked up as a stray, wandering near Fredericksburg in very bad shape. She had apparently been suffering pain & lameness for a long time -- her right front shoulder was probably injured from being hit by a car or similar accident. She is also deaf.

Even though she has been adjusting well in her foster home and definitely feels better, she also suffers from some fused vertebrae in her spine. After X-rays and medication trials, we found she could not tolerate the NSAIDS, unfortunately.

She is currently taking other pain meds to control the worst of the inflammation. Even though her discomfort is not perfectly controlled, she is eating and going out in the yard with the other dogs. She has only gained a pound so far on high-calorie dog food and whatever else we can get her to eat. However, she does enjoy being petted and fussed over, and napping on her own little rug in the kitchen. Overall, in spite of her unhappy history and health issues, Lily is a very sweet and affectionate girl who likes people and other dogs.

Because of her age and a number of health problems that are not likely to improve, the CCDAL Board has decided that Lily should be a "virtual adoptee." This means that she will remain in the loving care of her foster family for whatever time she has left. Lily will continue to receive all the vet care she requires to keep her as comfortable as we can while maintaining a good quality of life. This has already cost CCDAL a considerable amount of money. If you would like to contribute to Lily's care and comfort, click here for ways to donate.


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