Hi, my name is Lincoln just like the President who freed the slaves, I was freed by the wonderful people from Rescue from a very abusive home situation. I am about 2 years old and deaf but donít let that worry you, you see I am very smart. Ask my foster mom who has taught me house manners and simple hand signals that I learned very quickly. Just recently I learned that I can bark to communicate and I do it very well with my foster mom and my two foster sisters when I need something or want to play. I am housebroken, leash-trained, obedient, and loveable, and, I might add, quite handsome. I watch everything that goes around me, thatís how I learn. In fact I like to look out the window and can tell my foster mom someone is coming to the house by barking, before my foster sisters do. I also can tell when my foster mom is home from work before they do and of course I get an extra cookie for that when she comes in the door. She tells me ďLincoln, your such a good boy!Ē in sign and that makes me happy.

I love to cuddle and give kisses and play with other dogs and children. I come when I see you call me and at night when itís dark, you just flick the lights on and off and I know to come in. Sometimes I bark to come in. The fenced yard keeps me safe from mean dogs and cars so I get to run and run and run without worry. When I go inside, I like to watch Animal Planet!

Because I was neglected I developed a bladder problem and needed a special diet and some medicine for a long time. Foster mom took wonderful care of me. She just took me for a vet check-up and the doctor says I'm good as new...isn't that wonderful news?.

So if you want a loveable, sweet, smart, and (donít forget!) handsome Dal Ė then adopt me. I sure would love a forever home with a family with kids or dogs to play with.

Sincerely yours,


Updated 5/14/04

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