UPDATE: The doctor has given Louie the OK on his leg. It is healed and he is ready to be a puppy! He has been neutered and will make someone a great dog. He is very protective of his foster family and lets you know if anyone is nearby...but he is also very picky about his doggy friends, so a home with no other dogs is recommended or only one dog with proper introductions over time.

Louie is a 6 Month old Dalmatian puppy fully recovered from his broken right leg. He was turned over to the vet's office when his Owner could not afford to pay to have his leg repaired. We are unsure as to the exact cause of the break, but after 2+ hours in surgery his leg was pinned.

Since arriving in his foster home, he has proven to be a loving, playful little guy. He loves to be held and petted and is happiest when he is in someone’s lap. He hangs out with his foster family on the couch, lounging there with his favorite chew toys and blanket.

Louie currently resides with 2 other Dalmatians, kitties and even 2-, 4-, and 12-year-old children. Needless to say, he is being exposed to all aspects of home life. He is a typical puppy and he can knock over the little ones. He does have the softest mouth and allows the kids to pet him and rewards them with kisses while his foster mom is holding him.


Email Jackie Threatte at jackie.threatte@erols.com for more information or to request an application form.

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