Hello. My name is Madison and I was born in August, 2003. You can't tell from my name, but I'm a girl. I'm nearly full grown, won't be too big as Dalmatians go (probably won't get much past 50 pounds). I'm about as "cute as a button" as one visitor told me. I've been spayed and I'm up to date on all my shots (ouch!) and I'm on heartworm preventative.

My story up to now hasn't been too good. I was first adopted from a questionable breeder by a family with two kids ages 6 and 8. Because I was a puppy and didn't know any better, and because they didn't understand puppies, they got scared when I nipped at little hands with food in them. Rather than teach me, they tried to give me back to my breeder...but my breeder didn't want me. It's sad not to be wanted!

So, I moved into rescue at a foster home (without any children) for a few weeks. I was just starting to catch on to the training thing. I loved my crate, I was almost 100% house-trained, I was getting along with all the bigger Dals that were living there, but I didn't have any chance to be around children. I was then adopted by a family with a 2 year old. The family was warned that I was said to have "food issues" with kids and that I probably would not be the best choice for that family, but my new dad said that he could handle any problems and that he knew about Dalmatians and knew about training me. Ten days after adopting me, my dad returned me to my foster mom.

As if I hadn't been kicked around enough, my foster mom had to go away for a week, so she sent me home with another stranger, a very nice lady that also had no kids but had lots of foster dogs for me to play with. I'll need to leave here in just a couple of weeks (back to foster mom #1) because foster mom #2 will be traveling out West someplace. That will make 6 moves in just 2 months!!! I promise to be good and to learn quick if you will just teach me to behave correctly. Is there someone out there with no children under 10 and a big fenced yard that could love me enough to help me learn? I want so much to have a family where I can be loved for the rest of my life.


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