Hello! My name is Max. I came into rescue when my previous owner could no longer afford my care. I had a really bad cut on my leg that required surgery right away. The surgery was done, my leg is good as new, and I'm using it to RUN. The vet also found out that I had a very large bladder stone, so the good folks at rescue had that removed surgically, as well as a lump on my other hip. All my sutures are out now and I feel much better.

I'm 9 years old (but act much younger!), weigh 60 pounds, and except for being on a special diet because I'm a stone-former, I'm a healthy, happy guy. My new vet says I don't have any medical problems and should live a long life--as long as I get the proper diet and NO PEOPLE FOOD.

I have a crate of my own, and I like to go in there to take naps (even with the door open). I let you know when I have to go out to do my business and when I'm ready to come back inside. I enjoy running in the big yard with my doggy housemates. I'm not destructive, have some basic obedience training, good leash and walking skills, and would love to have a family of my own! If you think I could be the dog for you, please complete and submit an application.


Email Jackie Threatte at if you have any questions about the adoption process.

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