MEMORIAL DAY PUPPIES (Courtesy Posting) - New Pictures!

Four mixed-breed, possibly Dalmatian, puppies were rescued just before Memorial Day from the trash pile where their mother had left them. The mother is completely feral and has not been trapped yet, but she is described as all white with a few black spots, about 40-45 pounds. All four pups are thriving. They have been vetted and their vaccines are up to date. We estimate their birth date as around the first of May.

This is the second litter from this mother (who has proven to be much too cagey to be trapped), and the first puppies (born around Halloween) have already been adopted. They turned out to be beautiful, smallish dogs, like their mother, and one already has his Puppy Obedience Certificate. Despite their rough beginning in life, they are healthy & very well-adjusted. We hear from their new families often and get pictures as they grow up. This litter seems to be quite similar and (we are guessing) probably has the same father, also.

These puppies are being fostered in a home with a number of other rescue dogs, and the pups live in a large pen in the kitchen where they can constantly interact with their foster parents (who are there 24/7) and a variety of other dogs, from small ones to Great Danes. There are also a number of cats there, so the puppies are getting very well socialized for almost any family situation.

These puppies are very bright, friendly to people and other dogs, and promise to be excellent house dogs for the right companions. If you are interested in applying for one of these puppies, contact the foster parents at the email link below.


Email Janie and Gid White at for more information.

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