Milo had to be removed from a dangerous situation. After being in the same home for 7 years, Milo was viciously attacked by the other two resident dogs--not just once, but three times within a month. During these attacks, he would not even defend himself. With 20 to 30 wounds to his neck and thigh in the last attack, this gentle boy came close to losing his life. Thanks to good vet care, he is completely healed physically and is progressing on the emotional front.

Milo is an 8-year-old neutered male, weighs about 45 pounds, and is deaf. He will come with his own American Sign Language dictionary and with plenty of support from his foster parents and other members of CCDAL. His foster parents own a deaf Dalmatian (previously adopted from CCDAL), so they are very experienced at training deaf dogs. The only difference between the hearing dogs and the "deafies" is that you have to protect them from getting loose. They don't hear you calling them and they won't hear the traffic either! Other than that, they are just as loving and responsive as any other family pet. As you can see, your lap would be Milo's favorite spot!

If you have a securely fenced yard and are not afraid to learn a few words in a new language, please consider adopting Milo. He will do OK with older, responsible children (9 or 10 and up), but we don't recommend that he live with younger kids because they move too quickly, wave their arms, and make faces that the poor dog interprets as an attack. Milo has been frightened enough and deserves a safe and secure home with a loving, protective family.


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