UPDATE! from Mira's Foster Mom 4/29/2013

Mira's diabetes finally got the best of her. Mira went to the Rainbow Bridge very peacefully in my arms, and it was time. Her sugar was extremely high again today and she was not responding to large doses of insulin. She was given a feast of pizza crusts and a very large bone (since she was previously denied these due to her blood sugar). In true Mira fashion, the vet had to wait until she was finished with all her treats. I am very grateful that they come out and are able to do house calls for this.

I want to thank everyone in CCDAL for all their support with Mira. She was a special girl who deserved her happy ending.

[And the CCDAL Board of Directors sends thanks and condolences to Mira's Foster Family. They gave her such tender, loving care for the past year and a half, and Mira repaid them many times over with her love and affection! She was a great dog and she will be missed.]


CCDAL is pleased to report that Mira is still with us in her foster home where she is happily living out her days. She has a routine that she is very comfortable with and loves her bed and pile of comforters where she can nap the day away. Her favorite time of the day is mealtime, and she will let you know if you are even a minute late with her food!! She still keeps everyone on their toes when she decides to try to steal the other dog's food or pull muffins out of a grocery bag, and is not very happy when they are taken away from her!

In October she had an issue with drinking large amounts of water and peeing all the time. Her urine was very close to water and she was having a lot of accidents. Thankfully, it turned out she also has diabetes insipidus and once she was put on the eye drops that contained the hormone she needed, the drinking and peeing stopped. Thankfully it was not Cushings Disease or kidney related and could easily be treated.

Mira still enjoys chewing on her bone, but tires easily and needs a nap after that. She also loves to be patted and we all talk to her even though we know she does not hear very well. She does not travel with her foster family now since she does not seem to enjoy it any longer, but we have a wonderful dogsitter who takes care of her when her family is away. Tank (a former CCDAL dog) watches out for Mira and they will sit together on her blanket. When they went to the vet's office together, everyone at the office peaked in the room to see them cuddled up together on one blanket and Tank was watching over Mira. They each had their own blanket, but choose to lie together on the same one!

CCDAL received a call from Mira's previous owner in October. That call was very bitter sweet, but it gave us some background we didn't have before. Mira had originally been seized as part of a cruelty case when she was just a puppy. She had been tied to a tree and beaten...it is hard to imagine that anyone could to that to such a sweet dog. He had adopted her from the shelter when she was about 1 year old, and had her for her whole life...until he fell on hard times and sadly had to leave her at the shelter. We learned that she is now 15 years old! He was very happy to find her online when he was at the library, and was relieved to learn that she was being cared for by our rescue.

CCDAL is happy we were able to take her in and want to thank everyone who has donated and continues to donate toward her care! Mira requires diabetic supplies which includes: insulin, test strips, needles and prescription food as well as her eye drops. If you would like to help sponsor Mira, please see the page on this website for donating! Every little bit helps!



Hello everyone! The past nine months have been quite eventful for Mira. She is down to 43 pounds and her sugar is under control and easy to regulate. Both Mira and her foster family have discovered that treats are called treats because they have a lot of sugar in them that cause her blood sugar to go high! Mira attended a lot of CCDAL events and helped raise money for her care with her adoption pouch. She is a very sweet and easy going girl who gets along with everyone and everything. She also attended the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies' annual conference and was a big hit among all the attendees.

In April Mira needed cataract surgery because she was losing her vision. She did very well during surgery and came home, but unfortunately Mira went blind. All of the doctor's were perplexed because her eyes looked fine after surgery, but she obviously could not see. It is believed she had a stroke at some point post-op and lost her vision. She has adapted to her life, but it was not the outcome everyone was hoping for.

CCDAL has decided that Mira should live her life out in her foster home where she is very comfortable and everything is familiar. Mira still requires all the diabetic supplies to keep her sugar regulated so any donations towards her care are always appreciated! Click here for ways to donate.


Hello! I am Mira, a very sweet, smaller framed, 12 years young, purebred Dalmatian. I came from a shelter in West Virginia that CCDAL has worked with before. Not much is known about me because I was left in the fenced in area during off hours and the staff found me in the morning when they arrived. We can only guess why I was left at the shelter without any explanation. My foster family came and visited with me and decided to bring me to their home since I was so sweet and gentle. I made fast friends with their ten year old son, and really like being around other dogs so I would fit into the family fast. They also suspect that I am deaf because I did not seem to hear them unless I was looking at them. The next day, I was loaded into the car and went to the CCDAL reunion party! It was a lot of fun with all the dogs there, and I was told that I was a very good girl. Everyone was concerned about the large fatty deposit on my back and all were guessing as to what I had. I loved the large buckets of water because at that point I was just so thirsty!

I went to the vet the next day and the very large fatty deposit on my back and rear end turned out to be fat and I have diabetes! That explained my constant obsession with the water bowl and why I would chirp and pace when it was empty! The vet suspects that I weighed about 100 pounds at one time in my life and that is how I developed diabetes and then I lost the weight in the front, but not in the back. Yikes! That is a lot of weight for my small frame. I was also already spayed, had no internal parasites, and had a hematoma on my ear surgically repaired so someone was taking care of me. I also really like people food which makes my foster family wonder if someone thought feeding me a lot would make me happy when in reality it made me really sick!! I am a very easy going girl, but can be stubborn and I really love my bed. I also like to be outside and going on walks. Tank (a former CCDAL dog) is one of my buddies and we go outside together. I was so excited to see him when we first took a walk together. Keslo (another CCDAL dog) is still not sure of me so he will walk with me, but stays on a leash. I understand that he is afraid of new things, I think he had a hard life before he come into rescue and now his furever home, but I am sure in the end we will be buds.

So now, my main goal is to get my sugar regulated and stay regulated so I am well enough to have surgery to remove a small growth on my eyelid and to get my teeth cleaned! They are really bad and all new dogs I meet go right to my mouth and smell it. I am also working on clearing up some skin infections that I have developed from all the extra weight on me and of course I am working on losing weight. Since I need two shots a day that are twelve hours apart at the same time everyday, I go with my foster family to a lot of places on the weekend. I have also gone to some events to help raise money for my care and have been a big hit! Kids love me and I love to see other dogs of all shapes and sizes! I also like to look for food at these events and surprised mommy when I found a very large turkey leg on the ground! I was so proud, but foster mommy and daddy quickly took my prize away and threw it in the trash! What a waste! They are quickly realizing that I may be older, but I still have a lot of living to do and can be mischievous if no one is watching!

Mira is part of CCDAL's Soft Spot for Seniors program. If you are interested in adopting or fostering her, there is no adoption fee and CCDAL will cover the cost of her vet bills, supplies and food for the remainder of her life. You would need to fill out an application and be approved and provide the loving home with the proper care that Mira needs for the rest of her life no matter how long that is. You would also need to be able to manage her diabetes which includes monitoring her sugar (including glucose curves as needed), giving her insulin shots, and watching her diet. Mira eats special diabetes prescription food.

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If you cannot foster or adopt, but would like to donate towards her vet care or diabetes supplies, please see the information on "How to Donate" on our home page! No amount is too small and supplies are welcome as well! A very nice lady donated three vials of insulin at my last doggie event! That was a nice surprise and every little bit helps me or the next dog that needs it.


Email Jackie Threatte at ccdal@comcast.net for more information.

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