Moses is an adult male, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative. He is a gentle soul that lives with his companion female Dal and a 16 year old cat. He is a teddy bear of Dals...he knows no one or anything that he does not know how to love. Strangers for Moses - well, he has never met one. Children and other dogs and living creatures feature on his favorites list.

How trustworthy can a Virginia Gentleman like Moses be: how about your beautiful furniture, furnishings, bed, kitchen, etc. be? Well, this is the Dal gentleman that will not take advantage of anything you own. Besides being house trained and crate trained, he just has great respect for the rest of your belongings, house, and friends and your friends' dogs. If there was ever a license available for Moses it would read: Moses is licenced and bonded and fully insured to be gentle and safe with the elderly, handicapped, the young, the stranger, the cat, the other dog, and most of all to serve anyone that needed companionship in a lonely moment. He is a saint among dogs - open your heart to him and your heart will be over-flowing.


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