Oscar is a great guy. He is only 3 or 4 years old, up to date on all vaccines, neutered, and ready for his "furever" home. He has an old, untreated injury to his left eye. After examination, it was concluded that he sees around the small area of scar tissue on the lower part of his eye and it does not bother him.

As skittish as he was initially, within 24 hours Oscar was almost a different dog, wagging his tail and eagerly joining the other dogs to go outside. He was so excited at first, it was like flying a kite when he was on a leash. Now, he play bows and greets all the dogs and cats he passes on the way to the door to go out. He still gets worried when he's outside and wants back inside unless someone is with him. He's become very social with all the other dogs and has become a pack rat with all his new possessions. He carries all his toys to his crate. Oscar loves his crate and his bed.

Oscar is so much fun, and he has discovered his favorite toy already -- a long snake-like toy with a squeakie in each segment. He drags it up and down the hallway, pounces on it, throws it around in the air .... he'll carry on like that forever if you let him. At about 42 lbs., he makes up for his smallish size with a truly big heart. Oscar is a really sweet guy and loves learning to be a great companion. If you think he might fit into your family, please submit an application.


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