Hi, My name is Patience and when you read my story you will know why!

You see my owner did not care about me, I was neglected and abused, and finally I was left to roam the countryside all by myself. I was picked up by animal control and I was kind of glad because my poor feet were sore and I was real hungry and got too skinny.

I was very scared at the shelter, but I was patient enough to wait and get rescued by a nice person who took me to Gloucester, VA where my Foster Mom lives. When she got me, she said I was pitiful and too stinky. I stood perfectly still for Foster Mom to give me a nice warm bath that I enjoyed. She put medicine on my sore feet to make them feel better, and gave me a bowl of food...I was so hungry.

Then I went to see a special doctor called a vet. I was well behaved and quiet in the waiting room. They all said how nicely I was behaving and how pretty I looked. The vet said I had heartworms and, thank goodness, I have been treated and now I'm good as new and heartworm negative. Foster Mom took really good care of me!

I'm waiting patiently for a new forever home. Whoever that is, they will need to be very patient with me because sometimes I have "flashbacks" and get scared that I will be abused again. I can learn to trust, it will just take a little time. If you think I might be right for your home and family, contact the lady below for an application form.



Email Jackie Threatte at for more information or to request an application form.

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