UPDATE: Peaches has a tail--And it WAGS!! She has finally come out of her shell enough to allow the world to see her isn't wrapped tight between her legs and up to her chest as it was when she first arrived at CCDAL. She entertains herself by chasing it around in circles. Her eyes are no longer as big as saucers from her fear. She approaches people on her own terms, but it doesn't take her very long to warm up to visitors. It is really nice to see her dance and prance about when she sees a favorite toy or a bowl of food.

Peaches is a 7 1/2 year-old, spayed, female Dalmatian who was given up by her former owner as an act of kindness. She has now settled into a foster home which includes several other Dalmatians, and is learning to become less scared and more trusting. Since she has lost over 20 pounds, she feels much better and has become more active.

She was previously diagnosed with renal failure, so we have been monitoring her closely. Her blood values continue to improve on a prescription K/D diet, and she requires no special medicine. Peaches is on the road to recovery and feeling so much better. We're feeling more confident every day that she will have many more years in a permanent, loving home.

Peaches is up to date on all vaccines and we have all of her vet records. She is crate trained, housebroken, and she is learning to actually play with a wide variety of dog toys. Her requirements are few: a soft bed (preferably somewhere close to her human), two meals a day (carefully measured so she maintains her weight), regular ear rubs or other signs of affection, and an occasional stroll around the neighborhood for exercise.


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