Polly is a beautiful Dalmatian girl, estimated about 7 to 8 yrs old. She is a bit smaller than the average Dal girl, but has absolutely gorgeous markings and the softest coat -- feels more like bunny fur than a dog's coat.

Polly is about as close as you can get to the PERFECT house dog -- absolutely as sweet as can be and never does anything wrong. Polly is perfectly happy doing whatever you want to do -- going for a walk, riding in the car, or just hanging out next to you. She is moderately active and likes to stroll around the yard with her doggie friends, but isn't a high-energy dog.

Unlike most of the rescue dogs we see, Polly has never been neglected or abused. She had wonderful care all her life, and was surrendered only because her "mom" had to go into a nursing home -- but Polly's mom was diligent in finding a rescue group that she felt comfortable with to care for Polly first.

Polly loves to sleep on the bed, and especially likes to sleep late in the morning. She enjoys visiting, especially going to the vet clinic, where everyone fusses over her.

Polly is great with everyone she meets, including strangers, other dogs, cats, and children. She travels well and is crate-trained, though she'd much rather be right next to you.

She has a bit of stiffness in the right shoulder, probably from an old injury. She is on a mimimal dose of inexpensive medication which appears to keep her comfortable. If you have a quiet home and would like a gentle companion, we hope you will apply!


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