Hi, my name's Pyra. My original owner gave me that name 11 years ago. I don't know what I did wrong, but when she moved, she picked a place that wouldn't take animals. She told the vet to euthanize all four of us, two dogs and two birds. There was nothing wrong with us, she just didn't want us any more. Thank goodness a kindly vet tech found rescue groups to take us all in, and I ended up here.

In my foster home I share the house with four other Dalmatians. They're nice and we get along, but most of them are younger than I am, and much more active. They romp and roll around a lot, but I just want to lay quietly in a warm spot. I really miss my old family. Actually I'm scared that I will do something wrong again, so I'm extra careful with my manners. I don't want to make anybody mad at me.

I'm housebroken and I ask politely to go outside when I have to, then I just do what I need to do and hurry back inside where it is warm. I spend most of my time in my crate because I feel safe there and, even though the door stays open, the other dogs leave me alone when I'm in there.

I'm very quiet, I don't eat much, and I don't ask for much attention. Could you just give me a warm safe place to live and maybe a gentle pat now and then? And maybe a dog biscuit at bedtime? I could give you love and tail wags in return.


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